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Taking Care of Business is a world first: an invitation only paid digital service package offering every user email, social media, profit share and payment services.

TCB webmail

Encrypted, Reliable, Comprehensive and Secure, our webmail services offer every user 2GB web space, choice of 3 browser clients, pop and smtp access, unlimited forwarders and autoresponders, email trace tool, unfiltered mail queue, user managed white/black and ignore lists, address book and calendar.

TCB social media

We aim to create a bully and scam free, encrypted and full featured, user extendable free speech haven, where you can share knowledge, multimedia & experiences with like minded friends online. We hope that you will enjoy your time with us & find it richly rewarding.

Access is exclusively by invitation and only enabled for users of our paid digital services package, our software can automatically snitch to law enforcement immediately abuse is posted, non emergency incidents occurring online or locally can be manually reported to law enforcement, whom we supply with special permissions to help them manage ex offenders and investigate reports of suspicious activity by any user.

TCB profit sharing

Also nicknamed HGI$ (The Holy Grail Income Solution), this secure and reliable element in our package ensures that each and every user is guaranteed to receive a basic income rising to over $280,000/year lifelong, without recruiting, selling, investment risk or work of any kind, with every account they open, for any purpose.

TCB payments

Every user has exclusive secure and encrypted access to a growing range of in house services which enable separate management of their profit share incomes. These include online and email statements plus user to user transfers and daily withdrawal options.

TCB partners

Anyone is welcome to partner with us to provide similar digital services to their own end users. You can supply email addresses, and even own brand social media, on any top level domain you own, using our resources. You can opt to manage your end users' profit share or allow each user manage their own, all largely on your own terms.


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