How it Works


The following outlines how TCB next generation UBI 2.0 (aka HGI$) is generated & distributed.


At the heart of HGI$ is a MLM refferal plan structure, which acts as a normal MLM opportunity for those who want to refer new business, & an efficient "cut down" profit distribution method for those who dont.

All users are automatically enrolled in the free HGI$ MLM referral plan on registration, & this is what forms the most crucial element in every digital services bundle, providing every client with immediate affiliate status.

Dashboard & Link

All affiliates are provided with a password protected affiliate dashboard & unique referral link which they can share with others to earn annually recurring 24/7, year round commission on each of 10 levels should they wish to boost their UBI.


Should any visitor not use such a link to visit, then they won’t immediately have a sponsor.

We also provide a free tool for providers where multiple new clients may be included simply by uploading a csv file. None of those clients have a sponsors at the start of the process.

If a visitor doesn’t have a sponsor then our software will assign one at random from those affiliates who have fewer than 3 client’s on their first (or direct) level.

Whenever new clients are included through our provider’s multiple client set up tool, that software does the same thing in the same way.

Everyone benefits

This has the effect of ensuring that every affiliate & every affiliate who comes after every affiliate benefits from receipt of free random signups down 10 levels, whether anyone personally actively shares their referral link or not.


UBI 2.0 is equal to 75% of the revenue generated for TCB (Global) Ltd every time the $50 subscription is payment is made for a digital services bundle.

Immediate distribution

UBI 2.0 is distributed to up to 10 sponsors in the client’s upline automatically & immediately the client’s subscription payment is made.

Recurring payments

Each of the client’s sponsors receive an equal 7.5% of the revenue generated by their client’s subscription payments every time a subscription payment is made & renewed by (or for) any of the client’s for whom they sponsor.

Protected self funding

The first part of each client’s own UBI 2.0 earnings are automatically ring fenced & set aside in readiness for their next subscription as it falls due, so the money cannot be spent for anything else by the client.

Client’s can use any funds over & above that needed to service their annual digital bundle subscription fee. What any individual client may use their available balance for is up to their UBI provider or manager.

Seperate UBI nanagement

UBI 2.0 can be accessed by any individual either directly from global source or by any 3rd party provider.

If directly obtaining UBI 2.0, then the client is able to manage their UBI stream(s) themselves.


UBI streams are transferable & can be managed separately from other tcb services, with different password & contact profile for example. This allows providers & other types of manager to manage UBI on behalf of their own end users, largely on their own terms.

Reliable & sustainable

This collectively ensures that each UBI 2.0 stream produces $280,000 p.a for it’s client & the reliability, growth & sustainability of UBI 2.0 remains protected.


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